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Basic Plan


The City of San Antonio (COSA) is exposed to many hazards, all of which have the potential for disrupting the community, causing casualties, and damaging or destroying public or private property. While the City plans and prepares for all types of emergency events, risk analysis studies have been conducted to identify those hazards that produce the greatest threat to the San Antonio area.

The Basic Plan outlines COSA’s approach to emergency operations. It provides general guidance for emergency management activities and an overview of COSA methods of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. The plan describes the COSA emergency response organization and assigns responsibilities for various emergency tasks. This plan is intended to provide a framework for more specific functional Annexes that assign more precise responsibilities, depending on the emergency event. This plan applies to all COSA officials, departments, and agencies.

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  • Annex A – Warning
  • Annex B – Communications
  • Annex C – Shelter and Mass Care
  • Annex D – Radiological Protection
  • Annex E – Evacuation
  • Annex F – Fire Fighting
  • Annex G – Law Enforcement
  • Annex H – Health and Medical
  • Annex I – Public Information
  • Annex J – Recovery
  • Annex K – Public Works and Engineering
  • Annex L – Energy and Utilities
  • Annex M – Resource Management
  • Annex N – Direction and Control
  • Annex O – Human Services
  • Annex P – Hazard Mitigation
  • Annex Q – Hazardous Materials Spill Response
  • Annex R – Search and Rescue
  • Annex S – Transportation
  • Annex T – Donations Management
  • Annex U – Legal
  • Annex V – Terrorist Incident Response
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