San Antonio Office of Emergency Management
Levels Of Activation
Readiness Level IV - Routine - Normal Condition
  • General “Watch”, Homeland Security “Yellow Alert” for Elevated Threat and ICS Type #4 Incident Classification.
  • All COSA staff maintain general awareness and non-specific monitoring of conditions. 
  • Readiness actions may include regular situation monitoring, a review of plans and resource status, determining staff availability, and placing personnel on-call.
Increased Readiness Level III
  • Announcements made to COSA departments/functions with Emergency Management assignments for awareness purposes and general monitoring of conditions.
  • Assignment of designated COSA professional to specifically monitor conditions and report relevant changes, possibly leading to COSA EOC Activation at some stage. 
  • All SAOEM staff, including assigned liaison, monitor the situation for a period unlikely to exceed 12 hours. 
  • Determine staff availability and update SAOEM call lists.
High Readiness Level II
  • General Eminent Threat, HLS “Orange Alert” for High Threat as well as ICS Type 2 Incident Classification.
  • Continue EOC Limited Activation with additional COSA staffing.
  • Include Public Works, Metro Health, Police, Fire, EMS, and other selected COSA representation for less then 24 hours and potential media interaction.
  • Monitor potential emergency situation and determine possible impact areas.
  • Provide situation briefings for COSA and EOC staff as well as potential updates to the media.
  • Identify worst-case decision points, increase preparedness of personnel and equipment, update evacuation checklists, verify evacuation route status, and provide public information for techniques to protect homes and businesses on the evacuation routes.
Maximum Readiness Level I
  • Specific Eminent Threat, HLS “Red Alert” for Severe Conditions as well as ICS Type #1 Incident Classification.
  • Continue EOC Partial Activation with supplemental COSA staffing.
  • EOC Full Activation. All EOC functions with Emergency Management roles assigned to 12 hour shifts for an undetermined period. Likely extensive representation by City Manager’s Office.
  • EOC Extended Activation. EOC Full Activation plus most Major COSA Department representation.
  • Potential Declaration Issued. Unified command operations likely for an undetermined period, including initial Recovery activities. -Determine possible hazard impact areas and potential hazard effects.
  • Conduct periodic briefings for senior COSA and EOC staff.
  • Formulate and implement precautionary measures to protect the public through media educational announcements as well as using relevant warning systems.
  • Coordinate with adjacent jurisdictions that may be affected, including the DDC/RLO including preparation of damage assessment and disaster declaration materials.
  • Consider recommending precautionary actions for special facilities, placing emergency personnel and equipment into position for emergency operations, and preparing public transportation resources for evacuation support as well as putting damage assessment teams on stand-by.

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