San Antonio Office of Emergency Management
Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat

The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District developed the “Beat the Heat” campaign in order to educate the community of the dangers and precautions that can be taken during excessive heat. 

Posters and brochures are currently being distributed throughout the City. The materials describe basic heat injury prevention and provide links for more information regarding severe heat related illness, as well as a snapshot of the overall heat plan.

Tips to Beat the Heat

As temperatures begin to rise, be especially mindful of summertime activity, whether playing or working. To prevent heat-related illness

Stay cool
  • Stay in air-conditioned buildings, and do not rely on a fan as your primary cooling device. 
  • If the temperature is very high, reduce outdoor activity to fifteen minutes at a time. 
  • Wear loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing. 
  • NEVER leave a child or a pet unattended in a vehicle, even for a short period of time!
Stay hydrated
  • Drink more than usual and don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink. 
  • Avoid alcohol or liquids containing high amounts of sugar. 
  • Make sure your family, friends and neighbors are drinking enough water.
Stay informed
  • Check your local news for extreme heat warnings and safety tips. 
  • Keep informed by listening to local weather and news. 
  • Keep your friends, family and neighbors aware of weather and heat safety information. For more information on extreme heat, visit the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.

Cooling Centers

When temperatures rise to potentially dangerous levels, it is important to stay inside an air-conditioned space whenever possible. There are currently over 30 San Antonio locations that are open to the public as cooling centers. Here is a map of their locations: